Execution Policy

Using Market Execution, TFX Markets fills all Forex orders directly to leading Forex execution venues for fair and transparent trading.

Fast Order Execution

To ensure client satisfaction we are focused on providing clients with leading Forex technologies and interbank trading that deliver ultra-fast execution of market orders. Traders can expect an average execution speed of around five milliseconds. When using a VPS, execution times can be reduced to below one millisecond.

Order Filling

All orders are transmitted using Market Execution and are filled at liquidity venues such as major banks using best bid and best ask pricing and best execution policy. This means traders will always receive the best possible market price for their orders and tight spreads, this can also mean price improvements during trading in volatile markets.

Stop Loss, Pending Orders & Limit Orders

Trading at TFX Markets means you can trade with zero limits on stop loss, pending orders and limit orders. This is advantageous for clients trading using an Expert Advisor or using a Forex Scalping strategies.

Expert Advisors & Scalping

Each account has been designed and is in place to ensure that any trading style is welcomed at TFX Markets and our clients can take advantage of fair and transparent Forex trading. We have a specific focus in providing competitive trading conditions and ultra-fast order execution for Scalpers and Expert Advisor trading.

Holidays, Weekends & Rollovers

During holidays, weekends and rollover times, liquidity in the markets can become thinner leading to abnormal market conditions, pricing at these times may become less favourable. This is because there are fewer counterparties in the market willing to trade at the current market prices.

Gaps during weekends and holidays are normal and trades will be executed at the new price once the market reopens. As a transparent Forex broker, we highly recommend that all clients are familiar with how these market conditions can affect trading.


Better Trading Conditions

TFX Markets offers leading trading conditions including low spreads from 0.0 pips, high leverage and negative balance protection.

Practice Forex Trading

The TFX Markets demo account offers you FX currency pairs, commodities, indices, futures and CFD trading 24 hours a day, five days a week.