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Invest with the Forex Professionals

The TFX Markets investment program offers the opportunity to invest with independent and professional account managers using proven low to medium risk forex trading strategies with solid performance and low drawdown statistics.

The program is ideal for traders who see the potential of investing in forex, but do not have the experience, time or tools to trade themselves. In the PAMM community investors can find the portfolios of independent, professional managers and invest in forex to take advantage of years of experience and proven investment strategies.

Each manager uses their own investment approach and fully controls of all aspects of trading, there is no input required from the investor other than choosing the best portfolio to invest in and choosing the investment amount. Investment options start from just 500 USD to ensure there are suitable opportunities for all levels of investors.

Top 3 Investment Portfolios (by month)

FundTec Invest Program

Prime Vest Pamm
Minimum Investment: $2,000
Performance Fee: 25%
Risk Level: Low-Medium
Max Drawdown: 0.72%
Target Monthly Return: 10-15%
Return On Investment (ROI): +190.93%

Omega-PAMM Program

Prime Vest Pamm
Minimum Investment: $500
Performance Fee: 30%
Risk Level: Medium
Max Drawdown: 21.62%
Target Monthly Return: 40%
Return On Investment (ROI): +279.27%

Intraday Mforex Program

Prime Vest Pamm
Minimum Investment: $500
Performance Fee: 20%
Risk Level: Low-Medium
Max Drawdown: 9.65%
Target Monthly Return: 10%
Return On Investment (ROI): +9.35%
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Choose your targeted monthly returns and your preferred risk level and our team will arrange the most suitable portfolio and trading strategy that match your requirements.
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